Monday, September 14, 2009

More OSDM Intro Mania

More Intros/Cracktros created with the Oldskool  Demo Maker by Peace/Testaware.

First an Intro for TRSI – Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated. The main logo is based on the probably most recognized and almost legendary TRSI logo design that J.O.E. created on the Commodore Amiga for the group back in the early 1990s. I cannot remember who Thorion/TRSI made this transformation animation out of it, but it was originally created for the Commodore Amiga demo by TRSI called “We will smash you!” “Time Zone”, which was released at the Arise Summer Conference in August 1992.

I also did not create the red vector in the middle, behind the text. That one was created by D.N.S. Design for OSDM in 2007. Too bad that TRSI is not active on the PC anymore. They might could have actually used it for their releases :). Why not?!

Quick Credits

  • Code: Peace
  • Graphics: J.O.E./TRSI and me, Roy/SAC
  • Strips Glenz Cube Vector: D.N.S. Design
  • Music:  Bass/The Silents (tune from the Amiga demo “Static Chaos” by No Soul Prod./TSL DE)

The second intro/cracktro is for the release group RoORS. How do you like my rain effect? I actually got the inspiration for it by looking at the classic “Matrix” effect hehe. Believe it or not, but it is just one static image that is creating this effect, no vector graphics.

The music is a shortened segment of the mod tune by Jugi for the Complex PC demo “Dope” from 1995.  It is only a segment of which I edited out of the module myself.

Quick Credits for this Intro:

  • Code: Peace/Testaware
  • Graphics and Direction: Roy/SAC
  • Music: Jugi/Complex


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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