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Cirque du Soleil’s Inside La Nouba and In the Heart of Dralion

Finally, after months of searching and having an instant alert on eBay to find the documentary DVD “Cirque du Soleil: Inside La Nouba - From Conception to Perception”. Just about 1 1/2 weeks ago I got an alert that somebody is selling the DVD on eBay. I jumped on and placed my bid. The auction ended about one week ago and I was outbid. I didn’t watch the item closely at the end, because I was (and are) still working on my new computer (setup, configuration etc.).InsideLaNoubaDVDsmall

I set my maximum bid to $15.00 and was outbid by one cent. I would have bid more and should have set a higher maximum, but well. Anyhow, I was furious when I saw that I lost the auction after all those months, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I searched eBay again, but manually and noticed a listing where I did not receive an alert yet. Two offers within one week, unbelievable.

That other seller had the “buy now” option enabled, asking for $13.99 with free shipping and handling within the United States. I couldn’t believe my luck and clicked “buy now” right away, completing the process (including payment) right there and then. Then a few days ago the DVD arrived. YEAH!

There is nothing really that special about the DVD itself, except that it is the last one that I had missing from Cirque du Soleil. I have all other show and documentary DVDs about the Canadian circus troupe already.

inside lanouba  dvd cover-2000-orlando-45min-rel2001-07 large

I actually thought that the DVD was overpriced when it was sold (I wasn’t a Cirque fan at the time when the DVD was still available for purchase). A 45 minutes long documentary for a full (or almost full) DVD price is not a good deal.

By the way, the same is actually true for the Cirque documentaries “KA Extreme” and “A Thrilling Ride Through Kooza” (latter became in its entirely a bonus feature of the Kooza show DVD, which is nice).

Cirque learned that they can do better than that, their newer documentaries: “Flow”, “Lovesick”, “Mystery of Mystere” and “All Together Now” provide great and a lot of content for your money. 

However, I was not aware of the bonus features of this DVD, which is the 24 minutes long making of documentary of an entirely different Cirque du Soleil show. That increased the value of the DVD of course. :)

Since the DVD is almost impossible to get, I made the decision to make its content available freely that people do not have to spend months of their life and jump through endless hoops in order to be able to access this content. “Sue me!” (See Disclaimer part further down below first :))

Feature: Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba Making Of Documentary

Cirque du Soleil - Inside La Nouba is a 45 minutes documentary about the creation of the show "La Nouba", which is performed live at Downtown Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

You can download the entire 45 documentary in one .AVI video file (XVID/MP3) in 740x480 pixels resolution (508 MB!!) at

You can watch the whole documentary in 5 parts on at my CirqueDuSoleilGuru Channel:

  1. Inside La Nouba – Part 1
  2. Inside La Nouba – Part 2
  3. Inside La Nouba – Part 3
  4. Inside La Nouba – Part 4
  5. Inside La Nouba – Part 5

Btw. The show DVD of “La Nouba” comes in a 2 discs set where the second DVD is full of behind the scene footage and artist interviews. A lot of value for your bucks. Unlike the “Inside La Nouba” DVD, the show DVD is readily available for purchase:Buy La Nouba Show the DVD (at

Note to this Publication/Disclaimer

I set myself the rule to not publish any videos of entire DVDs or sound tracks here at YouTube, because I think that you should go and buy it, if you want to see or hear the whole thing. Getting access to some representative examples, yes, because you should not have to buy the "cat in the bag" as we say in Germany.

I was thinking, if I should put this documentary up, because it is a DVD that used to be sold, but the latter part ("used to be", instead of "IS being") made me decide to do it. My understanding of copyright goes as far as to make sure that a creator of something gets compensated appropriately for his creative or intellectual work without being ripped off by anybody. That is fair and square, because also artists and writers need to make a living, which is tough, if everybody copies their work and nobody pays.

However, in this case the creator did make money, when he released this content first on VHS and then DVD. Then he decided not do so anymore, even after all copies in stores worldwide sold out. It is impossible to buy a new copy of this DVD anywhere. It took me over 9 months to finally being able to snatch up a used copy of it on eBay.

The content owner obviously does not have any interest in selling his content, because he would make it available for purchase, if he would have the intention. This could have been done in digital format as well. The cost and requirements to SELL the content on the Internet are virtually ZERO until an actual sale occurs. That price should cover the typically marginal cost for the content delivery and yield some profit for the owner.

Copyright is in my opinion not a tool to control access to content and information (which is in my eyes "censorship", literally) or it should not be and considered an abuse of the existing laws and to the least be seen as immoral.

Coming from a country that used to be totalitarian and engaging in censorship everywhere, I know the negative implications of it in society. This does not just include censorship of news and events, but censorship of cultural content as well. I hope that this content will not be taken down by the copyright owner or that he at least reads this video description and reconsiders, before he requests a takedown from Google.

I will remove the videos myself, if the content of the DVD happens to become available freely again for people to purchase.

I put up the same disclaimer at the video segments itself at YouTube as well. 

Bonus: Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion Making Of Documentary

Also on the DVD of Inside La Nouba is another “Making of” documentary for an entirely different Cirque du Soleil show. Cirque du Soleil - In the Heart of Dralion is a 24 min long "Making of Dralion" documentary.

Dralion Logo Med TransDralion tries to combine the elements of the traditional Chinese circus arts, which dates back for hundreds of years with the elements of the modern plus the theatrical and artistic touch of Cirque du Soleil.

Guy Caron, the director of Dralion talks about the unique challenges that needed to be overcome during the creation process of this Cirque du Soleil touring show. 

You can download the entire 24 minutes long documentary in 740x480 pixels resolution and AVI format (XVID/MP3), total 312 MB in size at

I also put the documentary up in 3 parts at YouTube:

  1. In the Heart of Dralion - Part 1
  2. In the Heart of Dralion - Part 2
  3. In the Heart of Dralion - Part 3 
If you liked the videos and its content, you should know that a DVD with the recording of the entire show Dralion is also available for purchase:Buy Dralion Show the DVD (at


Carsten aka CirqueDuSoleilGuru

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