Friday, July 21, 2006

Blog hijacked ...but I got it back

If you are a frequent reader of my blog then you noticed that over the last months the mix of topics that I covered with my posts increased.

Some might even got a bit disturbed by this.

My blog was over the last few months "hijacked" by Internet and Search Engine Marketing related topics.

The posts about ANSI and ASCII Text Art, Scene Art, the Demoscene, Wikipedia and deviantArt suddenly became a second priority.

Hey this Blog is supposed to be about the art and the fun stuff and not business.

I have good new though. All the business related stuff, or at least most of it, will not continue here because it found a new home.

I am a Blogger at since July 2006 because of a personal invitation by Wayne Porter, who is one of the co-founders of

The invitation to blog at ReveNews, which is a well respected News Source in the Internet Marketing Industry and Winner of the Marketing Sherpa "Best Blog" Award in 2006, was a great honor for me and I really appreciated it. Visit my Blog at and join the discussions.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Important decision made regarding my Text Art

It has been a while since I posted at my Text Art Blog about something that is actually Text Art related. To everybody who does not care about this topic, sorry, the recent events in Internet Marketing (CJ, Google etc.) had to get my almost complete attention and did along the way pretty much managed to hijack my blog.

Update: I had to refine my statement and did so in this post, Please read it as well to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the use of my art work.

The transformation happened slowly but steadily during the last 2-3 months. No, it is not my intent to convert the blog! Okay, now am I really getting to the Text Art news which I did promise.

I made an important decision last weekend. I decided to release all my ANSI and ASCII Text Art, as well as "scene" related pixel art into the public domain.

Yes, you heard right, I did give up the copyright, which I did own, on my art pieces.

copyrightcopyrightMost Text Artists or "scene" artists in general I know don't care much about their copyright and have no problem with the fact that their stuff gets copied over and over again. Most are even happy about that, because it proves that they are respected as artists and that people like their stuff. The problem is, that this good intentional attitude does not change existing copyright laws. If you don't specify somewhere the copyright status of your art piece, it is being copyrighted automatically by current laws. Your rights are protected by simply doing nothing.

Grabbing and replication or showing your art under those circumstances without getting explicit permission from you to do so would be a violation of your copyright and you could hold me liable for any "damage" or "loss" this might have caused you. There are some exceptions, such as "fair use", but I don't want to make this post a Copyright Laws 101 resource. If you do want to learn more about Copyright, check the article about it at Wikipedia.

copyrightI wanted to avoid this confusion and make my intention clear. I put all my Text Art online some weeks ago. You can look at every single piece I created with your browser at my Roy/SAC Artist Website. Every Artwork I did release into the public domain shows that clearly and without conditions in the full size detail page. See the Skylight BBS ANSI as an example.

If the if does not show this for any piece of art on my side, then it means, that I did not release the copyright. This is the case for my Web Art, where I used other copyright protected content in fair use, and can not give up the copyright because I never owned it in the first place. I got aware about the whole issue and the actual status of my art during my editor work at Wikipedia.

Go ahead and check out the about one-thousand pieces of my artistic creations which I did release into the public domain. Good candidates for possible re-use are my vga fonts Gold Font and Font 3. Use them as you see fit. If you do, mentioning my name or artist handle in the credits would be appreciated but is not a requirement. I also put up a link to a special Amazon Honor System Page. Feel free to donate any amount you feel being appropriate. Donations are voluntarily. You don't have to donate anything to use my art. They are only one of many possible ways of showing respect and appreciation. Thank you.

If you think about giving up your copyright for something to release it into public domain, be warned. Released is released. You can not "regain" protection for something that was officially released into public domain.

Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany - News Update:
Germany lost against Italy at the Semi Finals.
France emerged victorious from the match against Portugal. This means:
... Italy will meat France this Saturday 07/09/2006 in Berlin/Germany to the Soccer World Cup 2006 Final. I hope that Italy is going to kick some french butt since Germany can not do it for them anymore.