Monday, August 28, 2006

Dream Design 16-32 Colors Pixel Art (Amiga 500)

I had over the last few days a chitchat with a fellow deviant about his deviantion which required him to do work manually without fancy tools, like it used to be in the old days when gfx on the computer was still pixeled by hand.

We talked about that and I made a comment about my Friend Dream Design who was one of the 5 first SAC Members when we founded the Group back in December 1994. We was still using his Amiga 500 for his pixel art.

He was more restricted that we were on the PC. He had to work with only 32 colors and a resolution of 320x256 (PC VGA 320x200 256 Colors).

I still have his stuff on my computer and decided to show some of his best work, remember max. 32 colors, pixeled. No Filters, so Special brushes, no digital camera, no scanners, no graphic tablet (he used the mouse).

Dream Design made the top 10 best pixel artists on the Amiga 500 at some point. There were a lot more and better artists on the Amiga than on the PC at the time, I just say J.O.E. , Peachy and Angeldawn. He teached me some lessons what I really appreciated.

DD was flat out what you call a Genius. He understood perspective, lighting and shading like nobody else I ever met.

Its funny how I met him. He almost wanted to hit me for a comment about one of his best pieces he finalized on a small Demo party. I looked at his screen with a picture of a chick with her Ass hanging out of her pants and said "nice photograph". He turned around red and said, I pixeled 3 days on that!!!! hehehe... great stuff , using 32 freaking colors only. Here it is, the one on the left. The one on the right is only 16 colors.

To the left is a gorgeous pic that won the gfx compo of a small local demo party in Berlin/Germany and to the right are a few more logos.

Take a look at the logo to the right. This is a Great TRSI Logo. Almost as beautiful as the legendary "melting metal" TRSI Logo by J.O.E.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I might publish some more of his stuff in the future. If you don't believe that it is pixeled, download it, open your favorite gfx program, zoom in and check for yourself.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC
Deviant at

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Official Re-Launch of

I made the final touches on the site today. Everything related to ASCII and ANSI Text art is now moved to its new home. In addition to the move were several design changes made and more content was added as well. Existing content was updated and in some cases cconsiderably extended.

I am proud to announce today the official Re-Launch of

The new site is completely dedicated to oldskool BBS and underground ASCII and ANSI art. Online galleries with hundreds of art pieces, articles, ascii tutorial, ascii editor and viewer downloads, related DVDs and books and background information.

I submit the news about the Re-Launch to If you like the Site and have a account, go to the entry about the launch at digg and digg the news story.

Parallel did I launch an AdCast Campaign at An Ad that promotes the new Site will be displayed 1,250,000 times across the deviantART Website during the next week.

If you have any comments or suggestion for the new site, let me know. I am open to any suggestions. Is there anything that is missing that you would like to see on the site in the future?

Thank you for your interest in oldskool ASCII and ANSI Text art
I appreciate that

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog Moved

Quick News. I moved my Blog from to the new domain (where I moved already all my pages about ANSI and ASCII Text art to less than 2 weeks ago).

The new Blog URL is

The Feedburner Feed URL did not change. Also all existing Links to the Old Address should work without problem. I 301-redirected everything from the old address to the new one.

While I was moving the Blog, did I add the option to subscribe to my Blog via Email as little form in the upper right hand corner of my Blog. The old FeedBlitz subscriptions should continue to work in the near future, but I would suggest you sign up again at my blog and unsubscribe from FeedBlitz, just in case.

If you notice anything weird, let me know. Cheers!

ASCIIs that are NOT ASCIIs - or are they?

It wasn't the first time that somebody said to me, that one of my "ASCIIs" is labeled wrong as such and should be labeled "ANSI".

He was referring to what is also called a "Block ASCII". He is right and wrong with his comment and I will try to explain that.

The Extended IBM Code Pages (Code page 437 in the US and 850 in Germany) are part of the 8-Bit DOS character set and a proprietary (ANSI) standard by IBM.

The Extended Code pages include several special Graphical Characters that go beyond the 7-bit US-Character set of 128 characters supported by any other Operating System on the PC and Mainframe including MAC, Unix and Linux.

Those special Characters are considered ASCII by most people that owned and used a PC (especially the PC Demo, Underground Art and Warez Scenes). It was referred to them as "High ASCII" or "Block ASCII" although they are technically not ASCII. Only the 128 characters that are part of the 7-bit US-Character set are truly ASCII.

ANSIs on the other hand were called documents (are called) that used special Escape Sequences for color coding and other features.

These documents require the ANSI.sys driver being loaded in order to view the document correctly. ANSI.sys was not required to display "plain" "High ASCII" characters.

Because of that and the stupid name Microsoft gave the driver to display .ANS files (ANSI.sys), did Tens of thousand (if not more) of people on the IBM PC and compatible classify ASCII and ANSI the way they did for over 2 decades. Yes, labeled incorrectly.

No scientific debate will change the past and I won't start changing it either . The mislabeling was never corrected when there was the chance and when it became known, was it already too late. The incorrect terminology got already stuck in the mind of the users and could not be corrected anymore. Live with it!

Example. Here is a Logo that is indisputably an ASCII by all standards and definitions. This is the same Logo, the "Energy" NFO ASCII using "Block ASCII" or ""High ASCII" Style and now look at the "ANSI" Version of the "ASCII" using Escape Sequences for Color Coding.

I guess you have to live with this incorrectness as much as I did for over 15 years. If you want to learn more about the Styles used on the PC by the "Underground", have a look at my article "The three Styles of the Underground Text Art Scene".

Friday, August 04, 2006

Boy, what a day!

Boy what a day. It is nice to have vacation, isn't it?

I have off since Wednesday, but I still have to finish something for the company. I promised it by monday. Well, there is a whole weekend ahead of me. Between this and working off things that are already way too long on my to-do list am I trying to get as much rest and sleep as possible.

Today did I got the chance to rebuild my primary laptop (I have 2 laptops and 1 Server at home. Don't ask ... just because hehe.). It was slow like a "mother". I had some hardware issues and I believe some of the installed software never really got over it.

While I was working on the primary laptop, did I manage to move the Roy/SAC Pages, which include the Galleries that show all my ANSI and ASCII Text Art that is for a month now part of the public domain. About 950 Pages moved.

Where did the stuff move to? To its own Domain/Website. The new Home for Roy/SAC is ... guess ... yes, That wasn't too hard, wasn't it? If you link to me, I would appreciate, if you could update the Link, but It should still work. I implemented a redirect from the old Pages to the new Site. Not just to the Homepage, but to the same Page you would have expected at the old location (update: gone now).

If you see anything "fishy" or encounter any weird errors or strange behavior, let me know. I would appreciate that.

The Blog did not move yet. I plan to do that eventually, but some other things need to be taken care of too. I am also going to move all Grman pages at to

At the end should all three sites be naturally inter-linked. You should not even notice that you change Sites.

I am gone next week. I will be at SES San Jose and meet the Google SEO and Founder and will prty at the 5th annual "Google Dance" at the Googleplex. All SES Attendees are invited to join the party for free.

I blogged about that at my new eMarketing Blog at

Carsten aka Roy/SAC