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Cirque du Soleil TV and IMAX Releases

This article is part of my Cirque du Soleil Information Primer Articles Series.

Cirque du Soleil Releases for TV and IMAX

TV Schedule for Cirque shows and Documentaries on public television around the world.

Journey of Man (IMAX) - Release Year: 1999-2000 - Rated: G - 39 minutes
Released by Sony Pictures Classic in 1999 for IMAX theaters
Director: Keith Melton
Producers: Peter Wagg, Andre Picard, Antoine Compin, Charis Horton
Music Composer: Benoit Jutras
Projections/Photography: Reed Smoot

Journey of Man follows the stages of human development from birth to maturity, with each stage introduced by a Cirque du Soleil act. Included acts:

  • Taiko
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Bungee
  • Cube Act
  • Statue Act (Hand to Hand)
  • Banquine

watch 5 1/2 min Video
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Alegria Le Film - Release Year: 1999 (filmed in 1998), 94 minutes
An Enchanting Fable (Movie/Motion Picture)
Tag line: If you have no voice: Scream. If you have no legs: Run. If you have no hope: Invent. What if anything were possible?

Director: Franco Dragone
Written by: Rudy Barichello
Producers: Rudy Barichello, Hans De Weers, Stéphane Reichel, Alexandre Heylen
Executive Producers: Peter Wagg, Hélène Dufresne
Music Composer: Benoît Jutras
Editing: Jean-François Bergeron
Production Design: Michel Crête, Ben van Os
Costumes: Dominique Lemieux, Trixi Rittenhouse
Art Direction: Johnny Boivin
Cinematography: Pierre Mignot

watch trailer - watch extended cube act - extended Hoops Video
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Fire Within - Release Year: 2002
Emmy Award Winning Reality TV Show and Documentary about the making of the Cirque du Soleil touring show Varekai from the perspective of several performers from start to premiere. The 3 discs DVD set includes all 13 episodes (each 23 minutes in length) of the show and several bonus features.

The artists featured in the show are:

  • Andrew & Kevin Atherton (Aerial Straps Act)
  • Ashley Beaver (Spotter)
  • Gareth Hopkins (Lizard)
  • Raquel Karro Oliveira (Aerial Triple-Trapeze)
  • Oleg Ouchakov (Acrobatique Pas de Deux)
  • Olga Pikhienko (Contortion/Hand-balancing  on Canes)
  • Stella Umeh (Aerial Triple-Trapeze)

watch 45 seconds DVD trailer
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The DVD also includes a bonus episode about the reunion of the people that were part of this reality TV-show/documentary and interviews with the cast members about their experiences with the show and its impact on their life during the shoot and after its release and broad cast. Also includes is an interview with the creator and director of Fire With, Lewis Cohen

Solstrom Release Year: 2003
TV Series with 13 episodes, 45 minutes each)

Writers and Screenplay: Edmond Bensimon, Pascal Elbé
Producers: Martin Bolduc, Yolande Riccioli
Colin Gee playing Alberto (clown in Cirque du Soleil show recordings on DVD of Varekai and Quidam).

Solstrom features over 250 artists in over 130 different acts from Cirque du Soleil's own touring and resident shows as well as acts that are not or in some cases were not part of a Cirque du Soleil production yet. Some of the featured acts made it into shows of Cirque that were created after the show was produced. It also provides the opportunity to see acts from many Las Vegas productions where there is no DVD release of the show available yet, such as Mystère and "O". Not from shows like KA, Love, Zumanity or Believe, because those were created at a later time.

watch DVD trailer 1 - watch DVD trailer 2
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