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Cirque du Soleil DVD Releases (Complete List)

This article is part of my Cirque du Soleil Information Primer Articles Series.

Cirque du Soleil on DVD

Many of the Cirque's shows are available on DVD, especially the older touring shows. They also created some stuff for television and for IMAX theaters, which is also available on DVD today.

The DVDs are not a substitute for a real life show experience, but some folks did not have the opportunity to see the Cirque at all and the DVDs do a good job to give you an idea of what to expect.

I added links to online stores next to each show or special performance if there are DVD recordings, soundtracks on Compact Disc (CD) and/or tickets to the live show available. Some of those links are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a few cents if you use my link to purchase the item. If you like my content and want to show your appreciation, just use the links provided here, if you decide to buy anything that I mentioned.

I also included links to online videos on video sharing web sites, such as YouTube and Google Video, especially for the shows and special one-time performances where no DVD recording exists.

Watch the video trailer for the Cirque du Soleil DVDs. Very short and nicely edited (by myself hehe). If you are not familiar with the Cirque at all, I promise that you will enjoy the videos. Cheers!

Backup link to video at Vimeo.

# Title Type Year   Filming Location
1 La Magie Continue show 1986   Toronto
2 Cirque Reinvente show 1989   Montreal
3 Nouvelle Experience show 1991   Toronto
4 A Baroque Odyssey documentary 1994   Montreal
5 Saltimbanco show 1994   Atlanta
6 Alegria An Enchanting Fable movie 1999 release  
7 Quidam show 1999   Amsterdam
8 Journey of Man movie 2000 release  
9 Inside La Nouba - From Conception to Perception documentary 2000 release  
10 Dralion show 2000   San Francisco
11 Alegria show 2001   Sydney
12 Varekai show 2002   Toronto
13 La Nouba show 2003   Orlando
14 Fire Within tv series/docu 2002   Montreal
15 Solstrom tv series 2003   Montreal
16 Midnight Sun special event 2004   Montreal
17 KA Extreme documentary 2005 release Las Vegas
18 Corteo show 2005   Toronto
19 Imagine the Beatles in Love documentary 2005 bootleg  
20 Lovesick documentary 2006 release Las Vegas
21 The Mystery of Mystere documentary 2007 release Las Vegas
22 Flow - A Tribute to the Artists of "O" documentary 2007 release Las Vegas
23 A Thrilling Ride Through Kooza documentary 2007 release Montreal
24 Kooza show 2007   Toronto
25 All Together Now documentary 2008 release  

Cirque Du Soleil - Anniversary Collection, 1984-2005

Almost the entire Cirque du Soleil show collection in one set for a price of just a bit over $10 per DVD, that's less than half the price of what you would pay for the included DVDs, if you would purchase each of them individually. A great gift for a friend and a perfect starter kit for your own Cirque collection.

12 DVDs, Region Code 1 (USA and Canada), Note: some of the DVDs are RCE encoded, which means that they do not work with region code free DVD players.

Included in this package are the following Cirque du Soleil shows, special performances and documentaries: La Magie Continue (1986); Cirque Reinvente (1989); Nouvelle Experience (1991); Saltimbanco (1994), the 1994 documentary retrospective A Baroque Odyssey; the Amsterdam-set Quidam (1999); Allegria (1999), the live Sydney show; the Chinese-influenced Dralion (2000), in its standard, non-Superbit release; the relatively short IMAX film Journey of Man (2002); Varekai (2002), from Toronto; La Nouba (2003), from Walt Disney World; and Midnight Sun, strikingly staged outdoors at the 2004 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

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