Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wikipedia down?!

I was in the middle of updating the article about ASCII Art at when the site suddenly hung when I attempted a preview of my changes.

When nothing happened after over a minute did I quickly copied my changes to a local file as backup and check further. Yes, Wikipeda is down.

It's now over 1 hour and no sign of of Wikipedia coming up again in sight. It can't be routine maintenance or reboot of servers that's causing this. It must be something more serious.

I checked my network, just to make sure that it is not just me who has the problem. Network is fine. I also connected remotely to a completely different network and tried to access from there... nothing.

I did some other changes before today, which I did not backup locally. I hope that this "crash" of the Site does not result into any data loss and that they are up again soon, that I can complete my modifications.

I am an active user at wikipedia and updated or extended already multiple articles at the popular and free online encyclopedia. It's the first time that I see the Site being down for such a long time which worries me a bit.

I hope that everything will be alright again later today.

Carsten a.k.a. Roy/SAC

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