Thursday, October 15, 2009

SAC Art Packs Now Accessible Via Web Browser Online

Bam, Bam, Bam. I just announced at the beginning of this month that the Superior Art Creations intros/cracktros/bbstros etc. are now accessible online via ordinary web browser. Now you can not only access the intros online, but the rest of the content of the SAC artpacks as well.

I talked at the end of last year about those efforts (see my blog posts here and here). I also put up a lot of content up elsewhere, like the converted ANSI and ASCII art on That conversion by itself was already a bitch, but what I didn’t accomplish until now is to make all that stuff accessible directly from the Superior Art Creations web site.

Here is a little video introduction of mine.

You can watch this video in high definition (1280x768 pixels) at

See for example the first SAC art package from December 1994. The pack files can be browsed now directly from the SAC Pack listings and overview page that I created over two years ago. I created also a new packs listings page that only shows the files, but then also information that are not shown on the general SAC Packs page. This includes the number of files by type, like how many ASCIIs, ANSIs or Intros were part of a pack etc.

The new packs files list is accessible here. From there you can also access very easily the content of two SAC music discs releases by Crome and Svenzzon and my Roy art packs that I released prior SAC.

Another listing that I created is for the artists who contributed to any of the SAC art packs between 1994 and 2007. The artists listing is available here. There it also shows the number of files by type that I made available online for viewing (or listening).

The special SAC intros pages that I created previously still remain, because they show extra information that are not available via the SAC pack browser pages, like additional credits for graphics and music, as well as the links to the intro resources like the used MOD music file or graphics.

I also made everything available for download at my file share at You can download all the web ready stuff there, including the Flash movies and the MP3 audio files. All in all over 2.6 2.3 GB!!! I was able to reduce the amount of data by over 300 MB through image optimization (especially the ANSI and ASCII snap-shots). That saves me bandwidth and you download time :)

Access the special folder at for the individual archives.

  • SAC-!ANSI.Web-GIF_Thumbs102009b.rar (4 2.25 MB)
  • SAC-!ANSI.Web-PNG102009b.rar (80 9 MB)
  • SAC-!ASCII.WEB-GIF_Thumb102009b.rar (19 11 MB)
  • SAC-!ASCII.WEB-PNG102009b.rar (312 77 MB)
  • SAC-!ASCII.WEB-WEB102009b.rar (3 2.2 MB)
  • SAC-!Music.Web-MP3.iso (1.18 GB)
    Individual tunes in MP3 format can be downloaded from this folder.
  • SAC-!VGA.WEB-GIF_Thumb102009b.rar (3.4 MB)
  • SAC-!VGA.WEB-PNG102009b.rar (49 MB)
  • SAC-Intros-120px_Thumbs102009b.rar (727 KB)
  • SAC-Intros-480x360ScrShots102009b.rar (7 MB)
  • SAC-Intros-FLV-Videos.iso (983 MB)
  • SAC-Intros-Gfxb.rar (1 MB)
  • SAC-Intros-Tunesb.rar (2 MB)

Happy leeching… NO RATIO hehe ;)

I hope that you will enjoy this new content.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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