Monday, August 17, 2009

Logo Collection V2 and Pixel Art Images Collection V1 Released

Two more scene art releases are coming your way. All in all about 1 GB of data for you to download and spread to FTP servers, old-school bulletin board systems and share with friends and other sceners and/or graphic artists who are able to appreciate what they are looking at.

The first release is actually an update, a major one though.

Scene Pixel Art Logos Collection V2.0

Version one was released only about two months ago, but I added so many more to my collection that I thought that a version 2.0 release does not hurt.

Over 9000 Images for over 1600 Groups, BBS, Demos and more from the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC Demo- and Warez Scenes.

Welcome to the Scene Logo Collection Version 2.0 brought to you by The collection contains thousands of logos for groups, demos, bulletin board systems, web sites and individuals from all the major scene platforms, including Windows PC (Super VGA, Hi-Res), old MS DOS standard VGA PCs (320x200 256 Colors), Commodore Amiga's (32 Colors), Commodore 64s (8Bit), Apple II's (8Bit), CPC's (8Bit), Atari 8Bit Home Computers, Atari ST's and Atari Falcons.


There are a lot of duplicates, which I am working on constantly eliminating (or at least reducing). It is not that easy, because it is not always clear, which is the best or authentic original to keep and which version to delete (once you detected a duplicate visually, which by itself takes already a lot of time).

If I have a PNG or GIF version and another JPG version of an image, then it is clear which one I should keep, but if I have a PNG and  a GIF or 2x GIF or 2x PNG or only 2x JPG etc. then it is not that easy anymore. The last thing I want to do is deleting an authentic  logo and keep the one that was altered by image compression or by hand (resized or cropped etc.).

Several hundred UNIQUE logos were added since the last pack and over 1000 more logos are included, where I don't know yet, if they are dupes or unique. Those are the logos that are located in the root folders for each letter and not in folders with the name of it.

My credo is: "Better 5 Dupes than not at all!". I hope you agree with me on that one.

Free Downloads (Paid for by your humble Roy/SAC)

All files are as usual available for download at my file share without the need to sign up for a PRO account or annoying delays for free downloading. I pay for you, that you don't have to. If you feel like showing your appreciation and to support my efforts to make scene history available and accessible to anybody, feel free to donate whatever amount you think is appropriate via PayPal. You can find some donation forms that are ready to go at my other web site at, including a donation form for recurring donations :).

Scene Logos V2.0 File Downloads:

  1. LOCOL21.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  2. LOCOL22.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  3. LOCOL23.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  4. LOCOL24.ZIP (5 MB Zip)


Next up is Version 1.0 of my pixel art collection sorted by Artist.

Scene Pixel Art Collection - Sorted by Artist - V1.0

This collection includes more than just logos. It also includes other artwork by the various artists, including full page images from graphic competitions at major demoparties around the world from the past 2 decades. This collection does NOT include the logo collection although there is some overlapping of course, which was hard to avoid.

This collection contains over 5,000 pieces of pixel art created by over 350 different artists, primarily on the PC and Commodore Amiga.  The collection includes a bunch of duplicates, which I am working on eliminating (or at least reducing) constantly. However, the duplication should not be as bad as for the logo collection.

This collection is 600 MB in size. As you can tell by the difference in size, it contains much larger images.  Full pictures, many hi-res, are significant larger in size than a simple logo, which usually only covers a small section of the screen.

Scene Art by Artist V1.0 Downloads: 

  1. PACOLA11.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  2. PACOLA12.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  3. PACOLA13.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  4. PACOLA14.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  5. PACOLA15.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  6. PACOLA16.ZIP (98 MB Zip)
  7. PACOLA17.ZIP (31 MB Zip)

UPDATE NOTE January 2010: It came to my attention that at least one of the ZIP archives had a CRC Error, so I decided to remove the Volume 1.0 of the collection from my file share. Volume 2.0 of the collection is available for download though. 10 Zip files, over 800 MB altogether.
File Names: PACOLA201.ZIP to PACOLA210.ZIP. You can find them at my collections folder share here.

This collection includes artwork by famous artists such as: Acryl, Alien, Angeldawn, Antony, Archmage, Asphyx0r, BenJ, Boo, Bridgeclaw, Cougar, Critikill, Cyclone, Danny, Desktop, Dream Design, Facet, FadeOne, Fairfax, Flood, GfxTwins, Haplo, Hof, Inferno, J.O.E., JCS, Joachim, Kenet, Lazur, Lord MX, Louie, Mack, Made, Mantraz, Mermaid, Norm, Orome, Peachy, Pixel, Prowler, R.W.O., RA, Reward, Rodney, Saffron, Suny, Tenshu, Typhoon, Unreal Hu, Visualice, Wade, Walt, Ward, X-Man, Zaac, Zebig and Zone.

Danny - Space Tits DESTOP-P GIRL
made-hades Peachy-Sheryl Lee-wicked sensation 1992-FEM2& ward-rage_2

Each release file contains also the latest version of my intro, which I think is very cool also :)

You can watch a video captured version of this latest intro version at my post from end of June, where I illustrated the various steps and versions that lead to the "final" one.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC


Martin said...

Incredible job! Thank you for putting these collections together and sharing them!

sink said...

fantastik!!!! a must to have in your collection

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