Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Movie That You Should Watch

I finally got around to watch the sequel to the documentary "Zeitgeist" called "Zeitgeist Addendum". It was already released last year in October. The first part was released in June 2007 and created a lot of controversy

I blogged about the first installment and some other related documentaries that were release around the same time last January. I highly recommend checking those out as well. You can watch all of them online, free and perfectly legal... no copyright infringement crap.  addendum_illu

You can find all of them on Google Video, but for the Zeitgeist video's I suggest to make a detour and go to their official web site first, because they have some more interesting stuff up there, beyond the documentaries itself.

The URL is

When part one was released, some people tried to down-play it and stuff it into the box labeled "Conspiracy Theory", which does not do the movie justice. Some people were offended, but I think that this happened unintentionally, because in Addendum they changed the tone a little bit and also elaborated in much more detail the points that are a bit more radical and could be misunderstood by some folks.

Addendum in particular has at its core the presentation of facts, historic and present day facts and figures, mathematical stuff. No, not statistics or probability stuff, which is basically the interpretation of seemingly unrelated figures with filling in the gaps and missing connections through more or less educated guesses. No, No, that would only be another "theory". No guesses here, but also no advanced mathematics that require a masters degree in math to be able to understand it. It's simple math, some addition, some subtraction, multiplication and dividing.

The facts are not very pretty and it would have been a poor choice to leave it at that, without adding some theory, thoughts, opinions  and  ideas and try to figure out the WHY and WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT? There you can agree, not agree or only partially agree on, but what you cannot do, is denying the facts. You can try sweet-talking the issues or down-play them, but that does not help anybody.

I am not a fan of the proposed immediate action items that people like you and me can do today. In my opinion would it be much more effective, if they would have provided detailed information to the court case were the guy was able to prevent the foreclosure of his home by the bank. That is something that many Americans could put to good use... especially today, where foreclosures are rampart and the economy is in deep shit.

If thousands of people would sue, go to court and prevent the seizure of their property by the banks, that would have impact on the stability of this whole house of cards. Add to this as a bonus a handbook for the "How to refuse paying the unconstitutional federal income-tax without getting shot by the IRS." hehe.

Okay... you are probably thinking right now: WTF is this dude talking about?

Watch the video yourself and you will understand what I just wrote.

Here is a short teaser video that I took from the main documentary. It was well made and sends a message all on it's own and wasn't really designed to promote the Zeitgeist movies. It does not even mention Zeitgeist. I added the URL to their web site to the video. The original didn't have that.


You can download this video in AVI format at here.

It's time to find out what is outside the bubble you were living in your whole life until now!

Visit if you dare to find out!


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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