Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nude Girls in ASCII - Even More Naked Truth

I realized 2 days after my post about the 30 years of naked ASCII art that the gallery was not working with Firefox and Safari.

No wonder that it died at Digg before it even started. I would be glad, if you could revive it by digging it, if you happen to have a Digg account. Thanks. Much appreciated.

I fixed the Gallery and tested it with Firefox 2.0 and Safari for Windows. It works fine now. While I was at it, did I extend the gallery from 20 to 30 pieces of art.

I also did significantly improve the interface. I am now showing little thumbnails for the picture selection and also added a little "fading" effect if you hover over a picture, which works for IE and Firefox (not for Safari, sorry).

'8$$$$ `$$M&
X$$$$K `$$XX
W$$$$$$$$P `#$$?B
'$$$$$"#$h. d$$$X?$c
$$$$R /"$$$X$$
?$$$R~ :/ $$R"""\.
$$$$: .xHH9$E !
'$"9$$N d$$F !
' M$$$'Ne@$$$!' '
E XR#$>'R P9? k> :
E '! *f .f' : 9k -~` `"-.
` : ` > > ~$: .~ `!.
'L : ~` ~ ! '$8 .~ ~\.
? ~ ! . $$$. : `~:
`! ' %X2 R$$W% .~ `\
!: MM> FL : M5$$ ~ ! `.
!$W. xF #buo@$ '^$F :$$> .--^`"-. `.
!M$$$$* 'k ' d$*##..-~` `: "4:x. `"#5 \.
'!$$$$$c !. !xx! .! `$$@F` >~
'\!?$$$$$X. `M 9 ! ~
'!!!> ~ `!!~!!. f ~ ~

A simple click on the current image also closes it and pushes the image selection up and into the center of the screen. So you don't have to scroll all the way to the end of the picture anymore. I also reduced the size of the standard website navigation to the minimum.

A lot of enhancements and extensions. A lot more reasons to check out my ASCII Nudes Collection.

This is a screen shot of the new image selection. Neat eh?

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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