Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogs, Blogging, XML, ATOM, RSS explained in simple Words.

I spent the last days several hours on a very comprehensive post about Blogs, XML, ATOM, RSS, Readers and Syndication / Aggregation, basically about the whole thing that is related to every day Web Feeds (more or less).

It's the serious attempt to explain the whole thing to normal people who use the internet, but don't know and don't care how the things work on a technical level in the background.

The trigger for me to write the Article was the request of a Business Partner to explain to him what all this is. He did not understand what posting in a "Blog" makes it different than posting a News via a proprietary CMS tool on one of our Websites.

I think he gets it now. I hope you too.

Here is the Link to the Article: Blog: Blog, Atom, RSS, XML and Syndication/Aggregation ! ?

Don't be shy to comment it. Positve or Negative.

Carsten Cumbrowski a.k.a. Roy/SAC

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